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CareWise Was founded in 2017 by Genevieve Barclay-White and Patrick Lawson and is a family owned business that serves the needs of those needing long-term care

With over 50 years of professional experience, the CareWise team stands prepared to expertly navigate clients through the services they may need, such as:

  • VA Benefits Referrals
  • Power(s) of Attorney
  • Moving/Downsizing Services
  • Distressed Home Sales
  • Non-Medical Transportation
  • Assisted Living Homes (Group Homes)
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Independent Living
  • Memory Care
  • Private Duty Care
  • Skilled Nursing/Rehab
  • Hospice
  • Home Health (mobile rehab/skilled nursing)
  • Mobile Primary Care
  • Mobile Specialty Care
  • Mobile Pharmacy

The goal is to ensure that each CareWise client receives quality, professional care, in the community or in their home and we are prepared to expertly navigate the many hurdles our clients face.

The majority of our referrals come from Hospitals, Skilled Nursing/Rehab facilities, Hospices and Physicians when the attending physician determines that a patient cannot return home, by themselves, safely. We work with Case Managers and Social Workers to set a safe discharge plan that meets our clients needs and wants.

CareWise services are at NO COST to CareWise clients or their families.


Genevieve Owned and managed several residential care homes for 5-years prior to founding CareWise. With that first hand experience she set out to create a senior placement agency that was everything she would want one to be, as a facility operator and as a client…hands on, experienced, understanding and kind.

Today, Genevieve is still very hands on acting as a singular point of contact for CareWise clients and ensuring CareWise operates to the highest standards.

With 4 school aged children, a work life balance is sometimes difficult to maintain, but Geneveive is always available to CareWise clients, morning, nights, weekends and holidays.

Growing up in a family of physicians from Weybridge England, Genevieves exacting standards (and accent) is breath of fresh air for CareWise clients.


Patrick Married into the long-term care industry. Prior to founding CareWise, Patrick worked his entire adult life in residential finance. While that experience is not on the surface transferable, the years of experience with State and Federal laws and regulations as well as thousands of pages of investor guidelines has proved invaluable in navigating complicated financial and legal hurdles experienced by CareWise clients.

Growing up in Ohio, Patrick brings the “mid-western work ethic” to everything he does. Going above and beyond is simply a job done right.


Barclay Owned and managed a residential care home for 5-years prior to joining CareWise. That experience made him very sympathetic to the operators of care facilities and uniquely qualified for his role as Director of Community Relations.

Barclay has developed relationships with over a thousand care providers, all who are happy to pickup the phone when they see his number on the Caller ID. It can be argued that there is not one other person with near the amount of knowledge of Arizona Long-Term Care Facilities that Barclay possess.
Barclay is skilled at leveraging his knowledge of care facilities to quickly identify potential care options for CareWise clients out of the thousands of potential options.

Growing up in England, Barclay is a rabid fan of the Premier League. While he is unwavering in his commitment to CareWise clients, you may hear a rowdy pub in the background if you call him during the World or Euro Cups.


Sarah is the youngest member of the CareWise team. Despite her age, Sarah has demonstrated an uncommon level of maturity and focus and advanced within CareWise in the last two years from Personal Assistant to Operations Specialist.

As an Operations Specialist, Sarah keeps busy creating client reports, scheduling facility tours, preparing contracts and any other task in support of CareWise operations.

Sarah is dedicated to her health and fitness and many times will take after hours calls from the gym.

Growing up in Minnesota, Sarah brings a soft, understated, approach to her work, but under the surface their is a hardened dedication to getting the job done right.


Stacy is very nearly a celebrity in the Maricopa County healthcare community. With over 20 years experience in Hospice marketing, there is hardly a Case Manager or Social Worker that doesn’t greet Stacy with a smile and a hug.

As a Care Advocate, Stacy brings a warmth to his bedside assessment, combined with a medical understanding that only 20+ years experience can bring. Stacy joining CareWise elevated the CareWise name in the healthcare community.

With 6 grown children and 1 still in school, Stacy has developed the patience of Job. A man of faith, Stacy and his wife enjoy engaging in service to others and spending time with family.

Growing up in Michigan, Stacy shares the “mid-western work ethic” that Patrick has and having attended Michigan State they booth rally for OSU in the OSU Michigan game.