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The core service provided by CareWise is hands on, no cost, assistance for clients and their families when the client can no longer live at home safely and independently. Care, in the home, or in the community comes in two forms, custodial and medical.

CareWise Assists Our Clients By:

  1. 1. Identifying the type of care needed. Custodial? Medical? Both?
  2. 2. The type setting the care is to be delivered. In the home? In the community?
  3. 3. The payor source. Private Long-term Care Insurance? Medicaid? Private Pay? VA Benefits?
  4. 4. Narrowing down options from hundreds down to the best 4-5 options that meet our clients pre-established criteria for setting, location, ability to meet needs, budget.
  5. 5. Touring facility options with clients.
  6. 6. Facilitating facility admission by exchanging documentation from the medical provider and the care facility, arranging transportation, etc.

Custodial Care

Custodial care generally revolves around providing assistance with ADL’s (Activities of daily living) like bathing, dressing, showering, toileting, etc. Assistance with IADL’s (Instrumental activities of daily living) is also included in custodial care, examples of IADL’s would include cooking, cleaning, transportation to and from appointments, etc.

Medicare DOES NOT cover the costs associated with custodial care which leaves the Medicaid long-term care, private long-term care insurance, VA benefits and private pay.

The settings that provide Custodial Care include:

  • • Assisted Living Centers (large apartment like communities)
  • • Assisted Living Homes (single family homes licensed to provide care)
  • • Memory Care (assisted living homes or centers that are secured and provide care specific to Alzheimer’s and dementia)
  • • In-Home Private Duty Caregivers (licensed caregivers that come into the clients home to assist with ADL’s and IADL’s.

Medical Care

CareWise clients have unique medical care needs. Some take little or no medications and do not see specialists and others rely on 24 hour skilled care. Medical care providers costs are almost always covered by Medicare, Medicaid or commercial insurance.

Medical care providers most associated with geriatric care include:

  • • Home Health (mobile rehabilitation/physical therapy)
  • • Hospice (end of life care)
  • • Mobile Primary Care
  • • Mobile Specialty Care (dentistry, podiatry, labs, imaging, etc.) Dialysis

CareWise Coordination Of Care

It’s not very common for clients to have a clear plan for when/if the time comes that they cannot live at home independently anymore. Often, this news is a bit overwhelming. To facilitate our clients receiving the care that they need we provided additional services to our clients by assisting with:

• Free notary services (powers of attorney, etc.)

• Free assistance with ALTCS applications.

• Referral to VA Accredited Agents and Organizations for VA Benefits Claims.

• Free assistance with transportation setup for admission day.

• Referrals to distressed real estate buyers.

• Referrals to realtors that specialize in senior home sales.

• Referrals to movers, organizers and estate sale experts.

• Referrals to eldercare attorneys, certified document preparers, etc.

Unlike some other providers who simply provide clients a list of providers we are with our clients the whole way with hands on advice and guidance. From the day your medical provider, friend or family says “Call CareWise” to post-delivery of care, CareWise provides the expert advice and guidance you need.